Monday, December 27, 2010

2011..... HERE WE COME !!!!

I'm posting this editorial from Ken Huber which depicts the dire situation we faced leading up to and throughout 2010.....

The question now is where do we go from here ????
With some promise of hope showing on the horizon as a result of Tea Party and Conservative Patriotism gains in the Nov 2, 2010 elections, we have reason to be CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC !!!

pix by J. Scott Applewhite, AP
The tea party became a political juggernaut as sympathizers showed up at rallies, called in to talk radio and, most importantly, turned out at campaign events. Here, tea party activists demonstrate against government spending on Sept. 12 in Washington.

As many bloggers are now busy forecasting the next events....
all Washington and the Nation waits to see whether "newly-elected Tea Party-supported" candidates, now duly-elected politicians, WILL change and DO WHAT THEY CAMPAIGNED ON?? They have been warned to act like "adults" on tough votes involving the federal debt, government over-spending, tax reform, Obamacare, entitlement reforms, upholding the Constitution and stopping government's "over-reaching" policies....(some are already showing weak stomachs under the onslaught of entrenched lobbyists). Others have already been called out as hypocrites for consorting with Wall Street types and/or indulging in continued pork-barrel spending. won't be too long before we will see how far the "trust" goes!
Will the Republican Party find that true "energizing" leader that will keep them on track and performing up to hopes and expectations of the now "not-so-silent majority"??

Will a THIRD Political Party be in the offing should the Republicans fail again and show signs of crumbling under the weight of a still-broken, poorly-performing Congress?

Perhaps, as some believe (and wish), that some kind of merger amongst Tea Party groups, moderate Libertarians, Right-leaning Conservatives and other Independents will be the default result!?

Well, we all know TAX REFORM is needed!
And for those willing to "turn the page" and think "Fairly" and not "selfishly"....the ANSWER IS THE FAIR TAX !!!

A Quick View of the FAIR TAX ...8 Reasons to Support it Now !! by Bernie Valentine
1. EVERYONE participates !!....even tax dodgers, illegals, criminals, visitors, etc. .....EVERYONE !!
2. YOU take home your full paycheck...NO TAXES !!!
3. The FAIR tax is a VOLUNTARY CONSUMPTION Tax, you decide when & where.... & only on NEW retail purchases !!
4. BUSINESS Taxes are eliminated, costs reduced; encouraging them to return to U.S. and bring JOBS back!!
5. Since business costs are reduced, competition & free markets will allow prices to come down.
6. Tax compliance costs are gone, by eliminating IRS as well as costs of filing returns.
7. The PREBATE sent to everyone ensures that no taxes are paid on goods up to the poverty level.
8. The tax is VISIBLE....collected by the States by vendors at point of consumption.

I can't talk enough about how desparately our nation needs this system! My understanding is that this Bill HR25 (and the Senate version S296) plus the companion Bill HJR16 repealing the 16th Amend. will be brought to the floor early on in 2011 for debate.

OK....One last topic I must address...FOREIGN POLICY!!!
There are really MANY others, but I will deal with those in separate posts.

For God's Sake, bring our soldiers home !!!.. and give up this insane concept of "nation-rebuilding" as a means of fighting this "War on Terror"!!

If any of you honestly believe that terrorist efforts are being diminished by our sacrificing our military in Afghanistan, you are sadly mistaken. Even the Taliban are simply "waiting us out".
For heaven's sake, we all know there are as many "terrorists" in our own backyard as in Afghanistan!!! Yup....and apparently they are just satisfied with the idea of providing us with a "death by a million cuts"!
And so what are we doing in Afghanistan??... Over 9 yrs of chasing who?? Where? Really now!!!
Oh,yes...."Winning the hearts & minds of the people", huh!? I sure remember that broken tune....different singers now, that's all!!
Are we to expect that this same "unsucessful" strategy will next be carried out in Yemen, or Somalia, ...or some other forsaken "pothole" that breeds fanatical discontent with Western culture?? Give me a break!!

Yes, use our intelligence (if we have any left) and take actions (with our military, if needed) to protect our vital nation interests; but let's not play these stupid games that we have chosen to follow ever since the horrendous days of Vietnam!


Ready or Not...Here it Comes !