Saturday, November 27, 2010

More on "TRAGEDY of the COMMONS"

Let's try an OPEN discussion of the merits of this principle which John Stossel of the FOX Business Channel calls a "Tragedy of the Commons".
It's an interesting and, I believe, very important principle as to why SOCIALISM fails.
It brings out the all-important need of having an "ownership" or, at least, a "vested" interest in things.....even into such policies as "government entitlements".

His opening story explains it:
"I first heard that phrase in a story about shepherds who lived around a grassy area they called a commons. Since the shepherds shared this free, green grass, they grabbed as much of it as possible. They brought many more sheep to graze. Soon ... all the grass was gone.
The sheep died, and the shepherds had nothing. Then then they divided the commons into parcels. Each shepherd owned one. Each had an incentive to limit the number of sheep that grazed on his grass. Prosperity happened, and everyone lived happily ever after."

In actuality, we see this "tragedy" displayed with the mentality
of so many of our "entitlement recipients".

Take WELFARE for instance.....

How many times do you think someone on Medicaid will schedule a visit to the Doctor "in their office" as opposed to "just going to the ER" for convenience sake alone??

It's much easier to just call it an "EMERGENCY" isn't it?? The grass is still plentiful, huh??

So, let's look at FOOD STAMPS. When do you think someone gave back any "un-needed" or unused stamps?.....
or would you think that anyone would be dis-honest enough to sell, trade or give away those un-needed stamps to someone else?? Tough question, huh?

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