Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is a story about my "imaginary friends" which I will name with a number and refer to with a "generic" him or her with no real reference to their sex.

I have a friend (#1).....who is a staunch fiscal conservative like me !!!  We balance our books all the time !!   If we can't "fit it in our budget", we do without.....until we can afford it.
.....and we don't like to waste money and time on frivolous things, especially when "times are tough".   We "detest" fraud, and avoid cheats or dishonest people.

I also have a friend (#2) who is a "liberal" .......always finding a compassionate reason to help out the less fortunate in one way or another; ........ always finding a reason why its OK to let everyone "do their own thing" regardless of the consequences.   I'm sick of it.....Where's the "personal responsibility"??   She always points out that... "Well, some of us are less fortunate than others"!!!   And I respond, "Does that mean we are all destined to simply take our places in whatever the "most common denominator is"???   "Doesn't that take away any motive to excel at anything, if it will just get taken away and given to others" ??
 The only response I get back is...."Well, that is supposed to make you feel good and a part of the "community"!

My friend #3 is a homosexual !!  (Ugh!!)  I didn't learn about that until later on.  He was a great cook,  hard worker, and a very nice guy.  Then one day, he introduced me to his "boyfriend" he had a "relationship" with for years!   Wow!!! ....and I never knew it.  Yeah, this one was "tough".....certainly not my "cup of tea"!   He later explained to me the difficulties he had in trying to buy a house "together
with his boyfriend".....his unfair treatment (legally & civil) due to his sexual preference.   Had to sympathize with them a bit here.   They didn't interfere with anyone....didn't try to ram their "sexual preference thinking" down anyone's throat, didn't try to "teach it to my kids",
 or flaunt it around in some of the vulgar ways I've seen it on the streets of NYC &, YES this seems unfair.

Now for friend #4 , a nice lady who generally is soft spoken and like me, is generally quite a Conservative.  She is a Lutheran and goes regularly to church.  She is also PRO-CHOICE on the issue of Abortion.I tend to understand her position since I have a modified position myself, which would allow for a woman to make that choice in the case of rape, incest, or medical necessity.  An interesting quoted phrase makes you think:

"....if you take an egg from a woman, it's an abortion. If you take an egg from a chicken, it's an omelette."

The obvious comment here is that there is a difference between a woman and a chicken; but the subtle point of necessity or "reason for taking the egg is not addressed".

Friend #5 is a devout Muslim has lived and worked his whole life in his family business since his parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1956 from Morrocco.  They are now closing up the business since many of their former customers have stopped patronizing their store for fear of reprisals to themselves, and assorted other peer pressures.  It's a shame; he is a "proud" person and refuses handouts, but can not sustain himself here any longer. 

He is not a "terrorist"; and does not subscribe to Islam's adoption of Sharia Law......yet is accused of it regularly.  I guess he will have to take a ship and leave like the Puritans did when they came to America, huh??

With all these different friends, I began to wonder what was wrong with "people"???  
I got quite frustrated.....and finally asked GOD to step in and grant me one wish!!! 
I felt HE was on my side and would do this in order to keep my sanity.
I asked GOD to put all these people in ONE ROOM !!! 

Then, to let them come out, one at a time, with the "proper mindset" as only HE truly intended them to have!!
WELL.....Slowly, each one came out.....and to my "amazement and befuddlement".....they all seemed exactly the same as they went in ???? 
I immediately said to myself :
"Well, I guess GOD didn't give me THAT WISH !?"........
or DID HE ???

It may be that, even though, we have social & moral differences among us...  (Remember, our own Founding Fathers escaped persecution, too !) 
....that social tolerance of others is a virtue also; and that what we may see as an apparent "degradation of moral values" may not always be what it seems!

It may just be that the "human nature" in us all will, in the long run, enable a CIVIL SOCIETY adjust to changing times and still prevail over ANARCHY !! 

A REAL CHOICE for Liberty....
leaving SOCIAL ISSUES off the table, letting the individual decide for themselves....
leave government OUT OF IT !!;

Monday, June 11, 2012


Watch us go over the cliff !!

WELL....First of all....YES !!!!!   YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE THIS FALL !!!!

The Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states.  
He's also met Federal Election Commission requirements of raising $5,000 in 20 states and can receive matching funds, a rare feat for a third party candidate!!

Most Americans are REALLY Libertarians.....and just don't know it yet !!! If Johnson polls at 15%, he'll be in the National Pres Debates and you'll learn why!!   This may welll be the "spark" to ignite a 3rd Party win.  
Learn about it NOW.....

One important point I will make regarding the Libertarian Party which had me confused right that the "party" platform does not advocate any individual position for or against any of the social issues.  None on abortion, same-sex, religion, etc........they should be choices made by each individual according to his/her moral/values teachings.  Government or "a party" should not dictate that to us.  There are left-leaning Libertarians and right-leaning Libertarians (often called Blue or Red Libertarians); but the essential point is that government stay out of it.
 If American values are to change for the better, it must come via individuals and their own return to faith-based (or ???) beliefs.

He has also called for the tax system to be based on consumption instead of income, supporting what is known as the "Fair Tax," or a 23 percent national sales tax. He said it "reboots the economy for the next 100 years." The FairTax is nonpartisan legislation (HR 25/S 13) that replaces personal and corporate income taxes, payroll taxes like Social Security and Medicare, estate, gift, capital gains, alternative minimum, and self-employment taxes.

"We had a non-Obama president recently, his name was George W. Bush, it wasn't all puppy dogs and rainbows," says Reason's Matt Welch. "Being Republican is not enough to counter Obama.  Mitt Romney is not offering an alternative to Obama," adds's Nick Gillespie.

The establishment relies on our falling for the "don't split the vote" theory!!!
It happens every election cycle.  Just as the current cry.."this is the most important election of our lifetime" !!!   They said said that last time, too!!
If you honestly want to learn the facts.....listen, at least, to the first 10 minutes of this 30min video:

Ready or Not...Here it Comes !