Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Islamapobia"....the new "McCarthyism"?

Is it National Security or National In-security??

I agree with having the Congressional hearings initiated by Rep King as a matter of examining national defense and security issues; its definately needed!! ... We certainly need to protect ourselves by solving the increased threat from radical muslim terrorist infiltration via promotion of Sharia Law especially right here in our own country!!
Much of the problems stem from our insistence to be "politically correct"!! If we just stood up for our American principles and laws, there would not be the sense of "panic" that seems to prevail nowadays!

I also regret, however, to see that too many of us jump to the "islamophobic conclusion" that all Muslims are radicals and follow Sharia Law! It's similar to the same mistake we made with Japanese-American citizens being interned in prisons right here in their own country "in the heat of the moment" right after the Pearl Harbor attack! ....and the onset of "McCarthyism"!

Those that refuse to acknowledge or accept that there is a peaceful
version of the Muslim faith (WITHOUT Sharia and WITHOUT the principle of "erradicating the infidel" aka "Western culture") are as wrong as those they wish to stop.
It is a given FACT that there are (and have been) peaceful Muslim-Americans co-existing for years....despite some wishing otherwise !

AND YES, THERE IS A MUSLIM RELIGION....even though many these days are promoting and using it as a means to promulgate a political & social ideology!

The issue is really: Stopping the spread of RADICAL ISLAM & THE PRACTICE OF SHARIA LAW, while still defending our American way of life and simultaneously preserving our American principles of freedom of religion!...

A fine line to walk indeed !!!

Ready or Not...Here it Comes !