Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do You Need to "TWITTER"??

With the onslaught of "Social Networking", one has to ask... why???

Are these socially-oriented sites just another form of "match-makers" or "lonely hearts clubs" ???? Or do we really find an attraction in following along with the "personal goings-on" in some one else's life??
Is it the same sort of "popularity" that has given rise to the surge in the so-called "reality" shows on TV where we think we are seeing what other people do or would do in particular circumstances?? Or is it just the "voyeurism" hidden in the human psyche that provides us with a needed sense of comparing ourselves to some level of "predictable norm"??
Whatever it is..... we should realize that "reality shows" are not real; and what people say in their "innermost diaries" or their "public" social posts are still usually manipulative and hardly "real".

I find these social networking sites a hugh distraction and waste of valuable time. But, I know there are plenty of you that may disagree. I am always open to (and would honestly like to) hear views from any of you that feel differently and can help point out their "value".

Having said all this, you can well imagine that I don't find much use for Social Network involvement in or its application in Affiliate Marketing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't think you're the "PIED PIPER"

I think too many of us...particularly those following the principles of "Attraction Marketing" and many of the techniques shown in Mike Dillard's "Magnetic Sponsoring";
may get caught up in the trap of trying to act like "The Pied Piper".
Your customers (aka Clients) are NOT rats who can be led by "attraction" into the waters of Hamelin!
I'm sure most of us do not intentionally think that way to begin with......but in the RUSH of grabbing followers, customers, clients, seems that we end up relying on the "autoresponders" to pass our word along instead of using more personal means.
I'm not trying to say that we should ignore the use of the various technical advantages that are out there now; but just remember that there is a "face" on the other end of that Email!
This will truly give you the "edge" that you seek!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Team System - MLM Way

If you've not heard of this. You definitely need to check it out.
If you are involved with any marketing efforts to earn money, this will be something to seriously consider. I am personally endorsing it .....and have signed on to be a Personal MLM Coach for the "Team System" !!

What is it about??

Well, its basically a relatively newer spin-off of the Affiliate marketing craze.....called "Attraction Marketing", it's a great "makes sense" program centered around "Branding" and multi-level marketing (aka MLM System). One of the big advantages it has is the great support base of training videos that take you thru each step. It can be applied to ANYTHING you are in business with... or thinking to get in business with! Any vendor, any product or service!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Your Computer Will Do The Work !!

You will inevitably have alot of work to do in the beginning getting things set up (especially if you want to save $$). Often you will want to build your own Blog or Website...or both; But you don't have can just write and post ads and place them on a whole host of FREE classified websites.
Then setting up your vendor & product selections that you want to promote; adding some of your own "bells & whistles" to build traffic and do the necessary "legwork" to get your MACHINE going! Then things ease up and you can pick your pace.

My new website discusses this and more; shows many of the top products, common tools and gives examples ....FREE !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Discover Synthasite!!

If you haven't "discovered" Synthasite....You need to!!

This is an awesome FREE website builder and hosting service ALL IN ONE!!!

Easy to use with LOTS of tools and aides which help you make a website TOP NOTCH!!

For those of you who will be following my BLOG... check them out!!

For those of you getting into the Web Marketing business......this will be a GREAT ASSET in helping you get the exposure you want and SAVE MONEY at the same time.

They have a great customer service Q & A system which you should definitely look at!
For convenience I've added their RSS Feed here onto my BLOG.

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Let's hear comments!!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

You Don't Need American Idol !!!!

You won't need to go through all those auditions!!
MusicPowers24 is a new members-only site that gets you in contact with music industry people as well as providing up-to-date listings for various type openings being looked for.
For only a one-time enrollment fee of $19.95 you can have access to this and much more.
Music Managers & Urban, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop Music Industry Contacts, Power-broker Music Attorney Contacts & Deal Makers, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop Record Labels and A&R Contacts, Music Business Videos, Professional Advice & Articles. There are also postings for Showcases, Singers, Producers, Engineers & Industry Internships.

I couldn't help but get excited over their addition on to my website.

I'd like to hear comments from any of my followers on this.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Woke Up this morning!!

Sure enough....I just finished posting last night; and wake up this morning and find my own advice from my last post glaring at me on the news from AOL!!

"Marketing in the digital age offers entrepreneurs a bewildering array of enticing tools. But how to test them all with limited resources?
Answer: Only pursue the ones that align most closely with your strategic marketing plan. If you don't have a plan, prepare to blow a lot of precious cash on cool ideas that promise the world and deliver little -- not because they are bad ideas, but because they are bad ideas for your company."

Roger that!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beginning Advice

The best advice I've heard since starting in the Affiliate Marketing business is "Make a positive improvement (no matter how little) EVERY SINGLE DAY!!" It does take matter what they say! But if you stick to it and make those positive steps each and every will happen. You will reach goals that you may not even have anticipated.
Put together an overall plan or strategy on what you want to do. Then do something each day to improve it. Make a little list if you have to, but stick to it.
The nice part about "working at home" can make your own schedule. You can do many of the things you need to at 2 a.m. or 3 p.m. or just whenever you want.
Make it fit your day's plans...but DO IT!!
Many of the stories you read on some of the links to different opportunities will describe how quickly some have made money or how little time it took!! Don't be deceived because we all know those results are NOT typical...and are isolated exceptions.
Most successful affiliate marketers will tell you that it is only the "determined" ones who develop a plan and carry it out....steadily over a period of time that end up making $$.
You have to start pick your weapons and use your resources wisely!!

Let's hear some stories from others.

Ready or Not...Here it Comes !