Monday, August 27, 2012

The DEATH of the American TWO-PARTY SYSTEM

 Coming to a precinct or theater near you.....

After the first real election between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams the two-party system was created. This was during the 1790's .... the two parties were the Federalists and the DemocraticRepublican. 

By 1796 both parties had a national network of newspapers that attacked each other. Many in congress were hard to classify in the first two years however as time went on this was not true.
After the civil war, and until now, the two parties have been the Republicans and the Democrats.

It used to be a more stable form of government.....until money & corruption (greed & need for re-election) destroyed the core of the two parties !!! 

There is no incentive to form a party that consistently gets votes but cannot win an election. As a result, the two political parties usually dominate plurality electoral systems to the disadvantage of smaller third parties.

First, there is the lack of choice. If there are only two parties, then they must reach towards the majority of the country. Therefore, they need to NOT have extreme views, so they both are VERY SIMILAR because their options are limited. 

Second, by only having two parties, it limits the potential for change. New ideas that don't follow the norm will most likely be thrown out than be adopted by the two major parties. The policies and the government change very little over time due to the two parties being so closely related.

Third, the two party system does not always provide the best leaders. Each party wants to win, so they will pick the person who has the best chance of winning. That being said, these people they choose may not always be the best leader.

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