Friday, May 27, 2011


Sure....that is a HARSH comment!! But, it unfortunately describes much of our current situation!

The Republicans have apparently chosen to put all their "eggs" into the sole effort called the "Ryan Plan"....the only "plan" out of the gate !!!
Stupid?? Yes, even early signs of election backfiring has shown itself in the NY26 upset !! It is obvious this plan needs work, further inputs and better explanations.

The Democrats, however, simply choose to ignore everything and won't even make an effort to put forth their own "plan" !!!?? Chickenshit?? You bet....they'd rather just beat up on anyone "opening their mouth" with real ideas!! Shrewd?...maybe.
I say just "Chickenshit" !!


Ryan's Plan probs:
One of the dissident Republicans was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who objects that Ryan's plan — which would not balance the budget for decades — is not a serious response to fiscal challenges facing the country.
Other opposition:
Furthermore, it does not "reform" or "improve" Medicare. The congressman's voucher scheme ...prepares the way for the popular and necessary program's elimination in any form that Americans have understood or appreciated it. Instead of steering public funds toward the care of the elderly, the Ryan plan steers the elderly — via vouchers — into the clutches of the for-profit insurance companies that make their money by denying care to the sick, the disabled and the vulnerable elderly. At best, this plan would need a "transition" period to give seniors a "choice" between the standard Medicare and the New Voucher see if it even works right!!
Simply put....Ryan's Plan needs serious WORK

Washington Democrats are in the midst of a nervous breakdown, turning on each other publicly as Americans cope with painfully high unemployment and record debt. Desperate to avoid being held accountable for their job-killing policies,

Now, with no jobs plan and no budget in sight, Washington Democrats’ infighting has broken out into public view. Things have gotten so out of hand that Democratic lawmakers are questioning the effectiveness of their trillion-dollar ‘stimulus,’ with one lawmaker dismissing it as a “fantasy jobs” plan and another accusing the White House of timing its implementation to the 2012 election.

Ready or Not...Here it Comes !