Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is a "Libertarianized" NEWT the Answer.....What is he really up to??

I have written about NEWT before......
but despite the sudden and disasterous results of his 2012 campaign,
he remains active in the political scene......WHY??

We all can admit that he is certainly the most EXPERIENCED,  KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND ARTICULATE potential candidate out there....
and he even "looks Presidential" !!
(even his opponents agree to that.)

A number of FACTS and QUESTIONS arise....

1. A majority of the vote-eligible public still does not vote.
2. A majority of the vote-eligible public considers themselves dis-enfranchised from the political process.
3. A majority of the vote-eligible public has stated their preference to be "independent" and not aligned with either party.
4. A majority of the vote-eligible public has shown an increasing tendency to be fiscally conservative and socially tolerant on most issues.
5. A majority of the vote-eligible public favors a smaller and Constitutionally bound government


1. Why is NEWT still active in politics??? 
Does he plan to run again.....despite his age and the ever-present, age-old baggage he carries??
Will he manage to find a way to carry the moderate, libertarian-minded segment of the voting and non-voting public??

2. Is he simply trying to resurrect his dear-old party...the GOP,  despite its reputation of overwhelming distrust and corruption??.....or help establish some New party??

3. Is he just trying to give direction and leadership advice to any new inspiring political candidates??....or just help educate the public??

I probably don't agree with every one of NEWT's positions (never have)....
BUT, he is the most open-minded, forward thinker I know of... that would have the ability to merge this diverse society we have found ourselves in !
I truly hope that he can find it in him to accomplish such a task and lead this nation back on a moral and fiscally sound path!!
If not......the year is young and I still can dream!!!


You can keep track closer by watching his efforts via


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