Friday, January 25, 2013


The only defense/talking points I have heard against gun control legislation are:

1. the government will "eventually"??? ban all guns.

2. we need semi-automatic weapons for self-defense???


We can't just assume that the government will make a "leap" to ban ALL GUNS.....we need good safe legislation to keep us from "ANARCHY". The problem is we DO NOT have trustworthy and honest legislators to do the job!!!"...and some with a "far-right mentality" that "assumes doom & gloom" in any attempt to do that job.

Just because we have "speed laws" does not prevent us from "driving" or possessing a car!!

We have the right to own we can buy a car;

but the state collects a tax on its purchase, your county makes you register it & pay another tax/fee, then you are required to purchase insurance for it, and then to "drive it" you have to obey speed laws along with many other road rule restrictions including, now, wearing seat belts.
Does that prevent you from buying or driving your car ????  NO!!!

Hopefully, it keeps us safer !!!


We have FREE SPEECH, but there are restrictions to prohibit "slander", libel, etc.......

so, on it goes in a "civilized society" where not "everyone" does the "right thing" or has the necessary individual responsibilty we would expect or hope for.


 Bold Progessive by Zaid Jilani

The National Rifle Association (NRA), the main gun lobby, has refused to consider any common sense gun reforms following several mass shootings. It has instead chosen to be the primary group working to block reforms.


Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star-Tribune (click to view more cartoons by Sack)

But the NRA wasn’t always so extreme. In fact, for the majority of its 141 year history, the organization backed gun regulation and rarely if ever claimed that regulations were unconstitutional.

In 1934, the group’s president Karl T. Frederick testified in support of certain gun regulations that later made it into the National Firearms Act of 1934, one of the first federal gun laws. The law regulated “gangster weapons” used by organized crime, such as machine guns and short barrel shotguns. 

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