Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This NEW facebook page is used to promote the 3 basic core solutions to reforming the political system used in our U.S. democratic constitutional republic.

The page is further used to help coordinate and promote the understanding & education of the three most prominent available real solutions to reforming our current political system.
It identifies the 3 main areas as:
1. Voting system reform (Approval Voting) as opposed to the current Plurality method of voting.
2. Campaign finance reform (Move to Amend) which eliminates "Corporate Personhood" and rejects that "Money is Free Speech"
3. Advocates tax reform and the elimination of the IRS (via passage of the Fair Tax)

We feel EDUCATION OF THE VOTER is paramount and should be encouraged whenever and wherever possible.  This is a secondary goal and solution however we realize that this will take a longer time in accomplishing.....just as any improvement in our overall civic morality will also take time!

We welcome CONSTRUCTIVE comments and discussion, however any misuse of this principle will be immediately deleted by admins

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